Our Team

All of GMB’s team members have long been active in private company, middle-market financing. Their nationwide network of relationships provides a significant resource base for their deal referral sources, portfolio companies and financing partners. Their access to growth opportunities, advisory services and capital sources creates a value proposition that extends well beyond their funding capabilities.

Carleton L. Olmanson
Managing Partner
Daniel J. Hemiadan
Managing Partner
Michael D. McHugh
Founding Partner
Judd G. Stevens
Managing Director
John T. Helms
Seth D. Jonker
Vice President
Dylan C. Lyons
Vice President
Stephanie A. Johnson
Vice President
Mitch Heflin
Emily Schramm
Henry H. DeCaster
Thomas A. Kreimer
Chief Financial Officer
Beth A. Nechanicky
Paul N. Bobzien
Accounting Manager
Lisa King-Porter
Office Manager