Middle-market investments that are built on three rock-solid pillars: experience, responsiveness and trust.


The GMB team members over their careers have a combined track record of more than 200 debt and equity transactions totaling over $2.1 billion. They have invested in a wide range of industries, businesses, transaction types, geographic markets and capital structures, across multiple business cycles.

All of GMB’s team members have long been active in private company, middle-market financing. Professional relationships across the country provide a significant base of deal referral sources, portfolio companies and financing partners. Their access to growth opportunities, advisory services and capital sources creates a value proposition that extends well beyond their funding capabilities.

GMB’s staffing is complemented by an Advisory Committee of executives and entrepreneurs with a diverse experience base, drawn from GMB’s limited partner investor group.


We believe that our customers (deal referral sources, equity sponsors, portfolio companies) value responsiveness when searching for a mezzanine capital resource. We focus on:

  • Communicating with prompt and informed feedback on all deal referrals
  • Meeting our milestone commitments and delivering on time
  • Offering alternative ideas, structures and resources when of value
  • Identifying the conditions precedent to proposals, thus avoiding subsequent surprises
  • Appreciating that each opportunity is unique and sparing you any preconceived responses


You can trust GMB:

  • To create and sustain an environment that reflects the best elements of business practice and culture that we have experienced over our many years in the finance business.
  • To deliver our best effort every time, sharing resources, ideas and alternatives where they might be of value.
  • To communicate consistently, openly and honestly with all parties.
  • To make it easy and enjoyable for people to do business with us – and gratifying for our team members to represent GMB in the marketplace.